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Recruitment Methodology

Our recruitment methodology is structured as well as dynamic. The Structured approach provide consistency and quality in our services. Dynamism ensures we are proactive as well as innovative. We follow clear and proven steps to bridge quality talent with employers.

Step 1: Understanding. The employer business, the project aims, company values culture, work environment, products and services is evaluated by our consultants.

Step 2: Define Job Order. A brief plan is prepared for a specific vacancy with a timetable for the assignment by understanding the nature of the role, skills and experience required, location, salary, benefits package and any other criteria that need to be taken into consideration.

Step 3: Sourcing. Candidate skills and expertise is tailored to client’s specific needs, which is catered by our constantly replenishing database with our regular advertising campaigns.

Step 4: Suitability Assessment. The candidate’s suitability is measured against the job scopes and duties. Our relationship consultant will evaluate every candidate and update profile and present the short-listed candidates. Psychometric assessment and skills testing will be undertaken if needed.

Step 5: Interview selection process. We ensure both client and the candidate have successfully gone through interview process.

Step 6: Management of the Job offer and placement completion. We assist both employer and candidate reach a deal that is acceptable to both.

Step 7: Support after placement : We ensure both the candidate delivery on time and regular follow up after employment to ensure long-term success.




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