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As a leading recruitment service provider for Upstream Oil and Gas industry , Index Career combines innovative technology and consulting expertise, assists our clients to build a successful global workforce - a workforce built by design to meet the specific needs for the company.

Index Career builds unique human capital management platform under the brand RigIndex® to source quality human capital base for the employers in global Upstream Industry in the areas of Exploration - Survey,Drilling (Offshore/Onshore) and Production.

Being involved in each step of the operations, Index Career ensure our clients, that they are receiving the unparallel end to end services with our quality architecture.

Our enormous talent database combines constant pool of drilling professionals from all the continents in the globe. We can deliver global manpower resources under contract staffing and permanent recruitment solutions.

By focusing on your needs, Index Career is able to provide the guidance and solutions necessary to reduce your hiring time and streamline your workforce.



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